Volunteers and students spend the day at Triund hill

Our Triund hill hike was a great success! After setting off early, students and volunteer teachers walked the 9 kilometres to the top of Triund hill. It was a long journey, which took everyone passed Dharamkot, up to the Magic view cafe at 2500 metres, before arriving at the green fields of Triund hill, 2850 metres up. The hike was filled with amazing views of McLeod Ganj and the Dharmsala area with the lush green hills of the Himalayas.Volunteers and students all enjoyed a great lunch, hard earnt from the hike up to Triund hill, and giving everyone a chance to relax. Some great conversations were had with familiar, friendly faces.After we had digested and recharged the real fun began with a variety of activities, such as a game of Sheep and Wolf. We finished off our visit with a great group photo filled with smiling students and volunteers before starting the journey back to McLeod Ganj.
Volunteers and students on their way to Triund hill near McLeod GanjStudents and volunteers enjoying a lunch at Triund hillFun and games between students and volunteers on Triund hillVolunteers and students at the top of Triund hill