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About Tibet World

We are an NGO and Tibetan community center devoted to bringing people together to solve the urgent social and educational needs to Tibetan Refugees.  By bringing together people from various countries we can help educate, build skills, and house over 600 Tibetan students in per year.

We aspire to the goal of introducing Tibet to the world-and the world to Tibet!  Tibet World has been collaborating with following international  organisation and Universities.

  1. Tibetan Kailash house in German; www.tibet-kailash-haus.de
  2. Tibet Support Group Australia in Australia; www.tibetsupportgroup.org
  3. Tumaini in Spain; www.viajestumaini.org
  4. University of Denver In USA
  5. Operation Grounds Well in Canada; www.operationgroundswell.com
  6. Youth International group in USA; www.youthinternational.org
  7. Gap Force organisation in UK;  www.gapforce.org
  8. Tibet Friends of Taiwan;  www.facebook.com/JoinT4T
  9. Go India initiative in India;  www.goindiainitiative.thinkeducation.in
  10. Photography without boarder in Canada; www.photographerswithoutborders.org
  11. the University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  12. Giving  Way in Australia; www.givingway.com

Why Volunteer at Tibet World

Tibet World is not only located in the beautiful front range of the Himalayas, but also offers the unique experience of interacting with Tibetan monks, Tibetan refugees living in exile, and a network of NGOs working to bring awareness of the Tibetan story and struggle. At Tibet World, you can choose which service learning placement works best for you and your needs. This could include utilizing your current skill-set and expertise or the opportunity to gain new experiences.

Tibet World’s goal is to allow your itinerary to be as flexible and customizable as you wish. The idea stems from the Buddhist teaching impermanence, which means being flexible and embracing the experience with the short time you are here. We also plan your trips with in country and community knowledge to ensure that you will have the best experience possible.

Why Educational Cultural Tours

At Tibet World we value experiential learning through activities that are unique to Tibetan culture. There are a variety of activities Tibet World offers to travelers to enhance their cultural experience in Dharamsala. For example, one activity is working with local organizations such as Tibet Post , Gu Chu Sum, Thangde Gatse, Gamru Village School, Active Nonviolence Education Center (ANEC), and Tibet World. This allows you to gain an understanding of the community first-hand while learning about the causes these organizations work towards. Other experiences Tibet World offers Monk Chats, Tibetan folk show, walking tours, and a hike on the Triund Trail, and meeting with Tibetan Activists.

We believe these activities are the best way to raise cultural awareness and understanding of the Dharamsala community, providing an opportunity to become a better global citizen.

There are several benefits to education through service learning. These opportunities connect participants to the community while significantly contributing to the betterment of everyone involved. Benefits of service learning include, but are not limited to:

  • Gaining first-hand knowledge of local issues and their root causes
  • Become involved with issues while developing critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Increase understanding of diverse cultures and communities by interacting with locals
  • Explore and test new values and beliefs
  • Increase understanding of Tibetan refugees living in exile as well as Tibetan Buddhism’s

Types of Groups that visit Tibet World

In the past, we have had school groups, families, and individuals volunteer at Tibet World. The volunteers range in their stay time, but participate in volunteer service learning opportunities through community organizations based in the Dharmsala Community. We welcome all groups to experience Tibetan Buddhism in ‘Little Lhasa’. It is important to expose oneself to a different style of living, learning, culture, history, stories and community literacy.


Tibet World offers one month-long volunteer options.We are flexible working with guests to accommodate their needs during their stay.. Within our community, we partner with several non-profit organizations such as: Tibetan Women’s Association, Tibetan Youth Congress, Active Non-Voice Education Center, Students for a free Tibet, and the Center Tibetan Administration-Tibetan Parliament Exile. These organizations are just a few that Tibet World works with to give you an idea of what type of NGOs are in Dharamsala.

An average day will consist of visiting a local organization or a Tibetan community speaker, going to service learning placements, and finally going to monk chat classes at  the end of the day. Our slogan is ‘The world meets Tibet and Tibet meets the world’. Tibet World’s goal is to promote education, raise cultural awareness, and inspire unity through all international communities. By participating in experiential learning, guests will be exposed to Tibetan Life.

Here is an sample month long package that can be customized to you or your group needs.

Sample Package

Day 1 (Saturday)

Arrive at Dharmsala Airport

Check in

Tea Break, Relax and Get Settled at Tibet World

Day 2 (Sunday)

            Breakfast outside

            Guided Meditation

Visit Main Temple of HH Dalai Lama and Tibetan Museum

Walk Kora

Day 3 (Monday)

            Personal Story from Tibet World Founder

Service Learning Placemen

Day 4 (Tuesday)

            Special Speaker – Ama Adhe, 27 year chinese captive shares her story

Service Learning Placement

Monk Chat

Day 5 (Wednesday)

            Service Learning Placement

Q & A with a Geshe La

Day 6 (Thursday)

            Service Learning Placement

Tibetan Cultural Show

Dinner w/ Artis

Day 7 (Friday)

            Visit Tibetan Children Village and Dal Lake – possible stay at top

            Service Learning Placement

Day 8 (Saturday)

            Free Day – Or come back from mountain if stayed at the top

Day 9 (Sunday)

            Karmapa Monestary (Gyupto Monestery) and Norbu Lingka

Day 10 (Monday)

            Lecture – Compassion and wisdom for mind heard as a path to Happiness

Service Learning Placement

Day 11 (Tuesday)

            Lecture – Happiness: Cause and Effect

            Service Learning Placement

Monk Chats

Day 12 (Wednesday)

            Speaker: Kaysang, Leader of Tibetan Feminist

            Service Learning

Day 13 (Thursday)

Speaker: Tenzin Tsundu, Poet and Free Tibet Advocate

Service Learning

Monk Chats

Day 14 (Friday)

            Visit: Students for a Free Tibet

            Service Learning

Day 15 (Saturday)

Free Day

Day 16 (Sunday)

            Start walk


-lunch at top, stay night if weather is good    

Day 17 (Monday)

            Visit: Center Tibetan Administration-Tibetan Parliament Exile, Library of Tibetan works

            Service Learning

Day 18 (Tuesday)

            Visit: Active Non-Voice Education Center

            Service Learning

Monk Chats

Day 19 (Wednesday)

            Visit: Tibetan Youth Congress

Service Learning

Day 20 (Thursday)

            Visit: Tibetan Women’s Association

Service Learning Placement

Monk Chats

Day 21 (Friday)

            Visit: Human Rights and Democracy, Tsering Tsomo

Service Learning

Day 22 (Saturday)

            Free Day

Day 23 (Sunday)

            Visit Bhusar Waterfall and rest

Day 24 (Monday)

            Service Learning

Day 25 (Tuesday)

            Service Learning

Monk Chats

Day 26 (Wednesday)

            Service Learning

Day 27 (Thursday)

            Service Learning

Monk Chats

Day 28 (Friday)

            Visit: Thangle Ghatsle: Center for Living Buddhist Art

Day 29 (Saturday)

            Free day

Day 30 (Sunday)

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