International Language Courses

For monks, nuns, local Indians, and Tibetan refugees:
1.  Registration fee for one academic year: Rs 1000/
2.  Teaching material fee: Rs 100/
3. Conversation class only: Rs 400/
4.  Special scholarship program available to some Tibetan refugees who send a request letter to the director.
Identity requirements for fees:
1. Monks and nuns require identification for the fees; they must presently be monks or nuns and wear their robes every day.
2. Tibetans require identification for the fees; they must show their Tibetan green book or RC
3.  Local Indians require identification for the fees; “local Indian” means only those living in the Dharamsala area, they need a proof letter from the local government or ID which can prove they are a Dharamsala Indian
Refund policy for course deposit:
1. 100 % attendance – Rs 200/- of the course deposit will be returned.
   For all other students:
1.  Foreigners Rs 2500/- per month and per language course (not refundable)
2.  Volunteers (regular volunteer work; more than 2 hrs per day) Rs 1000/- per month and per language course
3.  Indian, Nepalese and Bhutanese Rs 1000/- per month and per language
(If someone from the above three groups wants to pay daily, the fee is Rs 100/ per day and per language course)
Students must complete a placement test before starting any language course at Tibet World. This allows our staff to place them in the appropriate course level. Each language has three levels: elementary, beginner, and intermediate. The courses run on a 3 months cycle and students must pass a proficiency exam before proceeding to the next level. Successful students with >70% attendance rate receive a proficiency certification based on the level they have completed.