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It all started on the 17th of February, 2013 with the determination that Tibet meet the world and the world meet Tibet. Tibet World is a NGO and Tibetan community centre, based in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala. On 15th May 2015 it registered Charitable Trust under Indian Act 1981. In past six  years  Tibet World offered  education to 3500 students and over 2500 International volunteers participated from 55 countries and  organized hundreds of cultural events in various categories.  On a daily basis, there are eight staff members work and about 15 volunteers who help, and around 150 students who study at Tibet World.

Located near the home of His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government in exile, the organisation is devoted to educating people in various skills as well as encourage youth to take part in social service. Tibet World engages in a wide variety of activities to solve the most urgent social and educational problems for Tibetan refugees. It also attempts to bring together people from various countries in celebration of the common goal of a better world through its activities.


Tibet World provides a platform for promoting education, raising cultural awareness and imparting Tibetan values to the world by inspiring people to initiate peace, harmony, and compassion.


Tibet World is a role model of a compassionate organization; committed to developing inner peace, self reliance and building a more harmonious world.


Compassion: All the actions of the organization must be carried out in a spirit of compassion. Harmony: To unite all the people in the world. Peace: We treat others as we treat ourselves.


Yeshi Lundhup was born on 29th July 1983. He was provided education and support by the CTA and TCV, followed by B.com from the University of Bangalore, Certified Industrial Accountant, studied MBL. He has since then been actively involved in raising awareness and support for the cause of Free Tibet in India.  Prior to this, he was the General Secretary of the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, Bangalore and General Secretary of Tibetan Tsawa Association. With Tibet World, Yeshi Lhundup aims to channel his passion, experience, and resources toward building an organization that can support Tibetan Refugees and their culture around the worldwide, as well as further the cause he has been working for in different countries around the world.

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