Tibet World Winter Program for School Children 2023

The Tibetan World group ushered in 2023 by organizing a Winter Program for Tibetan School Children over the holiday season. The winter program was for students in grades VI through IX. The subjects include English, Science, and Mathematics. The program contained two packages, one was in the morning and the other was an afternoon package. The packages were each three hours long, and three subjects were covered during each package. 

This year 38 students attended the winter program and they came from 10 different schools. This year we have a maximum number of students from TCV Gopalpur with 10 students and the least from TCV Ladakh, TCV Bylakuppe and Kirti Monastry with only one student each. In the morning batch, we have 21 students and in the afternoon batch, we have 17 students attending the class. 

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The teachers we have been able to arrange for our students this year were well-qualified and very enthusiastic about teaching. 

1Miss Gundam MounikaB. PharmacyScience & English Indian
2Mr Ashutosh Kumar AryaPhD. Agri EntomologyMath, Science & EnglishIndian
3Mr Brendon ThomasDiplomatEnglishAmerican 

We are very grateful to our teachers who taught our students for a month.

On 4th February 2023 winter program was formally closed. We held a small closing ceremony which was attended by students, parents, and teachers. We handed the appreciation certificate with a white scarf to our teachers who with kind, compassionate hearts taught our students. We would like to thank everyone who was a part of our winter program, especially parents who believed in us and sent their children to us. With this hence, the 2023 winter program was a success, and Tibet World will hopefully make it more successful in 2024 by making all the necessary improvements.

Thank you