Tibet World News in June 2018

6th Jun, 2018  

Special Work shop on Compassion + Wisdom = Happiness for three days.

 Tibet world organized third time three days workshop  on “Compassion + Wisdom = Happiness” to Operation Ground Wells Group. The workshop was attend

ed by a number of students from different countries. The main purpose of this workshop is making long last happy life.

We includes dialogue on the topic of “Compassion + Wisdom = Happiness” and compassion in actions. It is lead by Tibet World’s founder/director. 

The workshop also had Geshe Lhakdor La as our special guest speakers who is a renowned Buddhist Scholar. He was formal H.H The Dalai Lama’s English translator and currently serving as director Library of Tibetan Works and Archives. He interacted with students and shed some lights on the topic of “Arts of happiness”.

The group also had chance to get some insights into the life of Meditating monk Jampa Tashi is a monk and has been retreating ten years in the cave and he shared his experiences with the group. In addition the workshop involves introduction and learning of Tibetan traditional culture, history, political status and trekking in the lap of Mother Nature. It was very productive. Compassion+ wisdom=Happiness, Compassion+ Wisdom= World peace, Compassion+ Wisdom= Successful


18th June, 2018

Today is the very special day of this year, the day when students gets certificate for their earned hard work on their language classes. In a year we have three semesters which means three exams after every three months. So today is the first semester certificate distribution day. The program embraced with the preset of our chief guest is Tibetan Women Association president Mrs. Dolma Yangchen lak, and Mr. Yeshi Lhundup lak, director and founder of the Tibet world. We are pleasure to have both of them and distribute certificate for our students.


Within this three month, 236 students have been studying in Tibet World from March to June 2018. Total numbers of students who appear for the exam are 66 and who got certificate are 48. Under the three conditions students will get certificates that students need to score 60% for attendance and 50% percentage in the examination and third condition is if students have good marks and he or she studied more than a month in Tibet world then these students can get certificates. Tibet world is proud to say that most of the students got certificates.

So the program start by introducing about today’s program by education officer Miss Lhamo Tsering and followed by Directors speech. Next we gave thank you scarf and small gift for our volunteers and took group photo session with chief guest. Then Mrs. Dolma yangchen lak distribute certificate for students and took group photo session with each of the classes and she delivered a speech for our students. With this we closed our program successfully with word of thanks by English teacher Tenzin Choegyal lak. After the program, chief guest, volunteers and students headed for juice and snacks.