News in July 2017

Friday 8th July 2017

Tibet World Staff Education Tour CTA and Tibetan NGOs

Seeing is believed.  So after years of working tirelessly to help the Tibetan community in McLeod Ganj with little help from other NGOs and outside organizations Tibetan World staff and volunteers had the opportunity to undertake an educational tour. This was a great opportunity for Tibet World staffs to visit all the other Tibetan NGOs working in Dharamsala and to visit the offices of the exiled Tibetan government. While Tibetan World and other NGOs have been working hard in this small community with the same mission and same relentless passion to help the Tibetan people we could not have known clearly what others NGOS and CTAs were doing to help. This was a fantastic chance to see the passionate work of other NGOs and to form new relationship to better help the Tibetan Diaspora in McLeod Ganj.


Cultural program on 14th July 2017

Tibet world collaborates with operation groundswell from Canada with group of 11 people on 11th July 2017. The purpose of visit in Dharamsala is to get more information about Tibet issue, awareness of Tibetan cultural and exchange of wonderful thoughts to each others and activism/ politics. We arranged four days cultural program for them to visit all the special place in Dharamsala under the guidance of director of Tibet world and event organizer.

  The first day of program is held on Tuesday, 11th July. We started with heartily welcome in Tibet world and serve tea for all. Our versatile director Yeshi Lundup la has humbly welcomed them and gave short introduction of Tibet world, Tibet, Tibet cultural, and all the programs. After that they took English conversation class with our elementary students.

They visited to have talk by deputy speaker of Tibetan parliament in exile, freedom fighter, poetry, and activist Mr Tenzin Tsundue, and Tibet library, and Ama Adhe talk.  We have also invited great speaker from Tibetan Youth congress, Tibetan Women’s Association.

They visited  to see the beautiful view of H. H. the Dalai Lama’s Temple, Tibetan handcraft, museum, Tibetan children’s Village, St John’s church and they have enjoyed Tibet World Cultural folk show as usual in every Thursday.

Finally they had enjoyed lunch in Tibet world, after that,  they questioned  and answered with Tibet world director Yeshi Lhundup, event organizer Tashi Tsomo. At last the we concluded the program and offer  scarf  with small gift to all.