Future Events

Tibet World is in the process of creating many new Events and Projects. As we grow, more will be added to this list. List of Planned Activities or events for Tibet World Over the Next 5 Year་

1 Education

IMG_2380 1. Courses

  1. Classes in language (English and international) for Tibetan refugees. Evening classes will be available, for those who work during the day
  2. Tibetan Language classes
  3.  Buddhist meditation and  Buddhist philosophy
  4. Yoga
  5. Massage
  6. Cooking
  7.  Job skill  trainings
  8. Training programs and workshops
  9. For school children
    1. After-school classes ( cram school), tutorials, day picnics and trips
    2. During winter school holidays, special education and development programs for students without parents, relatives, and family in India
    3. Scholarships for Tibetan students
    4. Library with a good collection of books/video/documentary
  10. Cultural
    1. Host community events, exhibitions, festivals for
      1. Traditional dance and music performances
      2. Tibetan folk tales and story telling
      3. Authentic traditional Tibetan artwork and products
      4. Authentic Tibetan foods
      5. Traditional health care and medicines
      6. Awareness about the Tibet cause and Tibetan history, culture, politics, economics, lifestyle, value
      7. Environmental awareness
      8. Celebration of festivals and community meals
      9. Create a retailing shop for authentic Tibetan handicrafts  and community café
      10. Have a cultural exchange programs
      11. Local theatre
      12. working tours and cultural tours
  11. Environment
    1. Environmental awareness campaigns and activities
  12. Social work
    1.  Community service programme
    2.  Healthy service
    3. Volunteer programs
    1. Students exchange programs
  1. Workshop on environmental education
  2.  Environment walk/clean up and awareness (group wears a bright t-shirt with a logo and information to raise awareness to local community. After each cleanup leave a recycle bin and garbage bin along with a brightly colored educational sign to explain what we did and why it is important)
  3. Get support and collaboration from local hotels and restaurants (use of recycle bins, informational posters and environment walk sign up sheet)
  4. Water refill station on the main street to promote less use of plastic
  5. Promote internships for Environmental engineers, eco-tourism and students in other relative fields.