Annual report 2013/14

Season’s Greetings from Tibet World! Tibet World was born in a small room to grow up until now for ten months.  The NGO has been growing up very successfully and quickly with all of your contributions, compassion in action and loving kindness, as well as the efforts of our many generous supporters. Today, Tibet World is very proud and happy to release our (first 10 months) 2013 annual report.

What We Do:

On a daily basis, Tibet World serves over 60 people, hosts  between 10 to 20  volunteers, and provides various services which include languages classes, vocational training and environmental projects , clothing distribution, and a public library used by Tibetan refugees as well as the local Indian population and people from the Himalayan regions. We also provide cultural exchanges for international groups and free coordination for volunteers from around the globe.   Tibet World works hard to operate with minimum administrative and program costs to produce the maximum output. Your donations help us to improve and increase our services and projects.

2013 Programs and Impact Report

Activities Summary:
  • 257 students attend language classes like Tibetan, English, French, German and Chinese in 10 months.
  • 5 Tibetan Refugees jewelry making workshops for one month. •7 students attended Buddhism teaching in Chinese for one month.
  • Planted 87 trees in Ladakh
  • Organized health and nutrition education programming for Tibetan Refugees by      Taiwanese Doctors
  • Worked with 87 new volunteers who donated their valuable time and energy in teaching language courses, health and nutrition programming, environmental   projects, and cultural educationFinancials:
State here how much money was contributed by donors, grants etc and then how much money the NGO was able to fundraiser on it’s own.
Balance b/d Rs 2,00,000 fixed deposited and Rs.70374.00  in Allahabad Band   2014 Plans: 2013 has been a busy year for us at Tibet World.  We’ve accomplished much in a very short period of time and have big plans for next year’s programming. Although Tibet World’s facility has three classrooms, the demand for learning has increased to the point which students and teachers must use the porch and balcony for lessons.  In order to accomplish our goals we are adding new programs including:
  • Compassion center is a new program for Tibet World that will house all Tibetan cultural programs under one roof.  This center will be under the umbrella of Tibet World to promote nonviolence, conflict resolution and Buddhist philosophy to encourage future Tibetan role models.  
  • Walking tours will be a Tibetan cultural tour to promote awareness for anyone who visits Dharamsala. All visitors will have the opportunity to deeply engage with Tibetan NGOs, CTA, and other Tibetan cultural aspects.
  • Tibetan learning intensives will be offered for tourists and volunteers who would like to learn and teach the Tibetan language.

  Letter from the founder and Director:

Tibet World is not MY project.  It is a project that has been growing with all of your effort, love and compassionate help with which I am very grateful and happy that has started now.   We’ve accomplished so much in the last year! With financial support and the assistance of volunteers from around the world, Tibet World has been able to offer diversified programming to benefit Tibetan Refugees, the local Indian population, and people of the Himalayan region. Our programs allow us to holistically impact Tibetan culture, education and environment.   As with any new project and just as things grow in nature, Tibet World needs a lot of love, time, passion and also material things like a place to grow, water, sun, etc… With the thanks of many volunteer supporters from around the world, we’ve been able to successfully begin and implement a variety of programs to benefit Tibetan refugees.  You have helped us so much by offering your time, service, and spreading the word about our work here at Tibet World.  So I take this chance to approach you to ask for your help in terms of what the project needs in this very moment, which is a financial support. A donation of financial support at Tibet World is sponsorship, along with your loving kindness that is as important as the material support. Your donations will go directly towards supporting Tibetan World programs.  With your donation, you will get to see the effects your support provides immediately in our programming. Through your financial support, Tibet World will continue to help current students, who will be happy and grateful for your sponsorship!   From all of us at Tibet World, I wish you a happy holiday season and a safe and prosperous new year!
Yeshi Lhundup
( founder and  Director) of  Tibet World