Tibet World Stands In Solidarity With Tibet

The Facts

 The wave of self-immolations continues in Tibet with over 92 Tibetans having set themselves on fire to date – 79 in 2012 including 28 in November alone, but the worst  situation of all is the huge populations around the world that are unaware of the unjustifiable and unbearable torture being committed inside Tibet. The Chinese government has responded with more repressive measures than ever. The Tibetan people maintain their steadfast efforts to make the current situation in Tibet known to the global community including political leaders, business men and women, opinion makers, friends in the media, and people whom believe in justice. The self-immolators have been calling for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet and for the restoration of freedom for Tibetan people.


 We request you to support Tibet in their peaceful movement to spread the word on the current issues facing Tibetans and the severity of self-immolation. We also need the help of the Chinese people, International bodies and Governments, Human Rights Organizations, and the general public. Together we can make a difference by pulling efforts to raise the awareness about the dire situation in Tibet and exert pressure on the Chinese Communist Government to resolve the issue of Tibet through dialogue.


We appeal to friends and members of the International community to consider taking the following actions:

Thank you from all at Tibet World