Tibet World News in November 2018

9th of November 2018,  International language learning tips

Tibet world is very happy to inform you that we organized a student teacher meeting and discussion on the 9th of November 2018. Teachers interacted with their respective students while current  students  shared their very creative ways of learning the language. Around 80 students studying various languages attended the discussion session, which was accompanied by teachers of their respective languages of study. Overall, it was a fruitful event. 

14th of November 2018   Children Day,  (student’s day)

 Tibet World celebrated student’s day with all its students as well as staff and volunteers. The event started with a  speech by director, Yeshi lhundup, which was followed by a number of events such as a video presentation, fun games and musical performances by teachers. French teacher, Olivia played the flute and  the English teacher sang to acoustic bollywood songs. Students actively participated in the event and really enjoyed the entire event.

26th of November 2018, Juggling performance

 On 26th of November 2018, the Juggling show was hosted at Tibe t World. Journ Wehrstein, from Germany gave a  juggling performance with a glass ball. Our events room was filled with students and volunteers watching his juggling performance.The juggling performance by Journ entertained and amazed everyone in the crowd. Tibet World is extremely lucky to come across such great talents providing a platform for our community to learn and witness skills from around the world. This is very much in alignment with our slogan “Tibet meets the world and world meets the Tibet.”