Tibet World News in May 2018

19th May ; Free distribution of Life straw and solar lamps:

Many people have been facing health problems due to drinking unclean water,  especially during rainy season and  people in McLeod Ganj also face problems of inconsistent electricity supply. So Tibet world is honored and proud to announce that we have worked in collaboration with Restoring t touch (NGO) and distributed personal water filters (Life Straw) which is very handy and solar lamps (foldable) to our staffs , students and other local people.


29th May 2018;  Special Work shop on Compassion + Wisdom = Happiness for three days

Tibet world organized 2nd  time three days workshop on  “Compassion + Wisdom = Happiness” to Operation Ground Wells Group.  The workshop was attended by a number of students from six different countries. The workshop includes dialogue on the topic of “Compassion + Wisdom = Happiness” and compassion in actions. It is lead by Tibet World’s founder/director.

The workshop also had Geshe Lhakdor La as our special guest speakers who is a renowned Buddhist Scholar. He was formal H.H The Dalai Lama’s English translator and currently serving as director Library of Tibetan Works and Archives. He interacted with students and shed some lights on the topic of “Arts of happiness”.

The group also had chance to get some insights into the life of Meditating monk Jampa Tashi is a monk and has been retreating  ten years in  the cave and he shared his experiences with the group.

Formal political prisoner, Ama Adhe is a lady  who is 90 years old and stayed in Chinese Jail for 27 years and she shared her life story to the students.

In addition the workshop involves introduction and learning of Tibetan traditional culture, history, political status and trekking in the lap of Mother Nature. It was very productive.

Good news  Tibet World Cultural events in May 2018

Tibetan Folk Cultural Show:

Tibet World is only a center who has regularly weekly show Tibetan Cultural Folk. We are very proud that in past five years , we organized Cultural folk show 163 times. Tibet World is very unique NGO who has been multiplies activities like cultural events, educational programs and social work.

Tibet world’s weekly cultural folk show which happens every Thursday is running very smoothly and gaining overwhelming number audiences. Everyone is most welcome to

enjoy our cultural show  and dont miss it once you would reach at Dharamsala. Its every Thursday at 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Other Events :

Yoga and Meditation class: We have very good yoga and meditation masters. They have been guiding very great and hence all our classes are going well and every day there is increase in number of participant.  We have yoga and meditation classes early morning as well as in the evening. Our yoga class is taking place regularly and our doors are open to all.

Our education is very Quality and quantity   news in May  2018

Since Tibet world started, its education stream is progressing day by day and benefiting more students every year. Tibet world can proudly say that we have good and permanent teacher for both Chinese and English language classes. We have volunteer teacher for French and German, Which is little challenging for all. We wish to have permanent teacher for both languages.

We are also proud to say that we have the largest  class this year and number reached around 50 in some classes and we had to close the registration for this session. Students lined up for the next session registration. We have good facility  for the students and it’s very environment. We also have our own teaching materials based on student’s level.  Every day we have 10-15 volunteers. In a nutshell you can say Tibet world is the best international language programs  in the Dharamsala.

This year we embraced adult education registration in mid march and now it’s been 3 month and on 15th Jun, 2018, we have our first international language examination. After the verification of attendance and exam score which is 60% for both, we will change their class levels.  We have 3 semesters in a year. So first semester is going to be finish and second semester registration will start from 18th Jun, 2018. We welcome all the students from different countries for our unique International language classes. Our volunteer registration is open for all and open from Monday to Friday. We welcome and thank the all volunteers.