Tibet World News in March 2019

    Opening Ceremony of the year 2019

On 15th March 2019 we held a welcome ceremony for teacher’s student’s volunteers and staff at Tibet world. The event was to welcome in the New Year. The celebration was held on the roof of the Tibet world offices on Jogiwara Road. Presentations were given by the Founder Director Yeshi Lhundup and the Education Secretary Tenzin Choegyal, giving thanks for the year ahead and words of encouragement were given to students teachers and volunteers, to make the best use of their time, and embrace the opportunities provided by Tibet World, having signed up to learn or teach a  new language. Tibet Worlds message is compassion plus wisdom equals happiness. We have educated over 3300 students. Programs include cultural exchange with over 2500 volunteers, Tibetan awareness, Buddhist talks, and student groups.

Hiking and Prayer offering for Year 2019 and generous donators of last year crowd funding

On 16th March 2019 a group of students, staff and volunteers from Tibet World trekked from the office in Jogiwara Road to Gallu Temple a sacred temple that marks the start of Triund Trek approximately 3km from McLeod Ganj. From the temple another higher knoll with fluttering Tibetan prayer flags is visible. We climbed the 200 meters to the flags which has a spectacular view over the city, Kangra hills and the Dhauladhars. Here we prayed and hanged Tibetan prayer flags to welcome the new year and prayer for generous  donators of last year  crowd funding. We will never give up trying to achieve our aims to continue into the future and to expand the Tibet World organization. Once the prayer flags were hung we celebrated into the afternoon with a picnic, before starting our decent back to the office. On behalf of all beneficiaries of Tibet World, we would like to say thank you so much to those who kindly support us.

Staffs lunch on roof of Tibet World.

On 23rd March 2019 Tibet world held a bar b q party for staff and volunteers on the roof of its building in Jogiwara Road.The party was to celebrate the New Year for Tibet world and give thanks for the coming year. And there was a really good attendance; the party had been planned for some time and on the day Staff and volunteers came together on the roof with the beautiful mountain vista, cooking food both vegetarian and meat dishes including aubergine corgette peppers momos and Tibetan bread. Besides the main dishes a lot of drinks and snacks were served too.The group ate delicious food, drank little wines and soft drinks and chatted into the evening. The event was no doubt a success.

 Donation of stools by Peter Flannery (26th March 2019)

What a delight it was for all of us here at Tibet World to receive the generous donation of 50 stools from Peter. Simply put, if it wasn’t for supporters like Peter, we wouldn’t exist. So we thank him for supplying the stools that we need for our class rooms, this makes such a difference in the lives of the Monks and Tibetan refugees who come to Tibet world to learnlanguages including English French German and Chinese. We really do depend on the generosity and moral support of donators such as Peter to accomplish our mission. So we thank him today. The students will thank him when they are sat comfortably in the classrooms!

Workshop by Mr. Greg Robbins (30th of March 2019)

Mr. Greg Robbins is retired teacher from Canada. He is the most famous English teacher in Mcleodganj. So Tibet World requested Mr. Greg Robbins to give workshop to all teachers and give some insights into his teaching methods. Through the workshop Gregg told us about the importance of organizing class which he calls it “Rhythm of daily lesson”.  He also told us about the significance of nourishing not only to mind but also to the body and heart. He showed us how he provides nourishment to mind, body and heart while teaching English. To sum up I would like to say that we learned so many subtle things in his teaching style. All teachers really took active participation in workshop and I hope that Gregg’s teaching method tips will really be helpful to our teachers and subsequently to all the students learning various language.


Education Program at Tibet World

Currently there are 7 staff members in addition to Yeshi: Tenzin Choegyal – Education Secretary, Sonam Khando – Chinese Teacher, Sonam Tashi and Dickyi – reception, Lhamo – Housekeeping and Sonam Tsering – cook. There are around 15 volunteers engaged in a variety of activities, including a number of regular volunteer teachers: Olivia De Bellabre teaching French, Luisa Hack – English, Rike Sophye – German, Greg Robin – English and Francis Cardinal – French. There are currently around 146 students who study at Tibet World.On a daily basis the education programme includes Chinese, English, French, and German, taught at beginners, conversation, and intermediate and elementary levels. The students are a cross section of age and gender and include monks, nuns and lay people. Members of the local Tibetan, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Bhutan and Ladakh communities. Classes are delivered in a variety of fun and participative styles depending on the teacher and the ability of the students. Lessons are delivered in groups ranging from small groups of 7 in the conversation classes to 40 in  the Chinese class.

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