Tibet World news in July 2018

July 5th, 2018

83rd Birthday celebration of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama 6th July 2018
Tibet World celebrated the 83rd Birthday of His Holiness The Dalai Lama, on the 5th of July (Thursday) attended by 15 different countries (students, volunteers, guests, staff and friends from outside). This auspicious event was graced by the presence of Tibet worlds Director.

From core of our hearts wish long live Hiss Holiness Great 14th Dalai Lama and all your wishes (cultivate more compassion to everyone and create happy and world peace) come true this on planet during your life time.

The program started the formal function by saying prayers with Sangsol, after the Sangsol we had short circle dance (gorshey),followed by offerings of traditional scarf by Director, staff students, volunteers and other guest to the portrait of His Holiness. It is time for refreshments. Our director initiated to cut cakes and everyone enjoyed cake and snacks. Meanwhile everyone watched short video presentation on His Holiness Dalai lama’s thoughts.

Now it is time for talent show. Though this is one of the excitement parts of the program, but we do not have many volunteers to come up. Most of the students are monks, may be this is the reason. But we have one student who recite a beautiful poem, followed by our talented director, he played Tibetan Tradition music pewang.

 Games, which is the most excitement part has embraced by Tenzin Nangkyi (intern at Tibet world). We played different games in four group like musical chair, acting guessing games and few more which all people participated actively. At the end of the games winner received a special gift and other groups also got gifts. After the games everyone headed towards café for delicious vegetarian food.

Tibet world’s first ever organized Fete was a wonderful afternoon filled with much laughter, fun and spirit building activities. Our staff worked tirelessly to prepare for the day. Games are like playing cards, dice (sho), animal tail writing and guessing in dark. At last hour we played tombola and tea and snacks in between. These games were all extremely successful. What wonderful day!

17th July, 2018

Tibet World’s 4th Special Work shop on Compassion + Wisdom = Happiness for three days from 17 July 2018 to 19th July 2018.
The main purpose of this workshop is making more happy and peaceful world and life. The workshop was attended by a number of students from 3 different countries. They learnt how through compassion and wisdom paths to make our life more happiness and successful. They saw about value of Tibetan culture through to meet face to face local Tibetan refugees. They heard the past and present really life story of human life challenges and how face it.
In past our workshops were very successful. End of the day everyone is happy and smiling faces. It was very productive. This workshop transform everyone more compassionate person with full of wisdom. Our wish and hope is not only their whole life is full of smile but also they will make smiling and happy faces on our mother earth.
Compassion+ wisdom=Happiness
Compassion+ wisdom= World peace

 27th July, 2018

Farewell party

 Miss Maria is a our volunteer who did volunteer work from Oct 2017 to Aug 2018. She came from German and she came through Tibet Kaliash house in German and German Government. She has been helping us to lead our English Conversations and teach Germany class. Due her compassion in action, our English conversation was the best one during her leading it. On behalf all of beneficiary of Tibet World, we would like to say thanking you to Maria, Tibet Kalaish House Teams and German Government for your kindly supporting us!

  28th July, 2018

Tibet world organized 2nd time workshop (Compassion Wisdom=Happiness) for staff and 1st time free workshop for students and volunteers. This is an opportunity for all, to learn something new. All the staffs, few students and volunteers registered for this workshop. After gathering of the all participant, workshop was embraced by director with introduction to himself and followed by participants. Then workshop starts with question of “what is Happiness to you?”  Followed by presentation, Prepared by workshop trainer or director of Tibet world. In between the presentations, we made few groups and discussed on different topics. Participants also took few minutes break in between and were served snacks and tea. In the second session, participant had more discussions and at the end, everyone one gave their suggestions and filled feedback forms. At end of the workshop, what we all can say is workshop was successfully ceased with feeling of satisfaction that during the workshop seldom participant kept quite. They have many questions and discussed actively. Workshop was finished at 12:30 and then everyone headed for lunch.