Tibet World News In December 2018

1st  December 2018 Cultural Exchange Program 

We welcomed the University of Denver, USA professor and students. The University of Denver students were in service placements in various Tibetan NGOs around Dharamsala for two weeks. These opportunities provided a mutual benefit for the students and the NGOs. Students gained an experiential learning opportunity as a mean of learning about Tibetans living in exile. The NGOs received volunteer work and and help in spreading awareness of their cause. We are very pleased to collaborate with others Carpie Dim, Gap force, Youth International Leaders and Naropa Institute

13th of December 2018 Workshop  on Writing for Public Audiences to Advance Your Cause.

Tibet World organized  a very special writing workshop open to English-speaking NGO, institutions and school directors or presidents, their staffs. It ‘s purpose for  this is a special opportunity to take time for ourselves to learn and develop together to better serve our community. Daniel Singer (MEd, PhD) is a teaching assistant professor in the University Writing Program at the University of Denver and directs the Clinic for Writing and the Public Good. Professor Singer teaches deliberative rhetoric and community-engaged research and writing across issue-areas, and his research is on writing-to-do-good as a distinct genre ecology and socio-cognitive rhetoric, practical rhetorics of advocacy and volunteerism, and service-learning in community-engaged writing. He is a founding member of National Coalition on Community Writing and serves on its national advisory board. Dan is devoted to establishing and supporting writing-based university-community partnerships and regularly leads and presents workshops at academic conferences and with nonprofit partners.

13th December, 2018  Talks on   Compassion + Wisdom=Happiness ( C + W = H).

The main purpose of this workshop is to create a happier and more peaceful world and life. Since everyone wishes to have a happy life free from suffering, this workshop looks to explore how we can use our own wisdom to discover everlasting happiness. They learnt how  we can use the path of compassion and wisdom to discover  happier and more successful life. This is 16th Talks or workshops on the compassion+wisdom = Happiness in this year 2018.  We conceded that our world needed compassion and wisdom because now our human resources are crisis due that reason our environment and economic are crisis. Our human being need to cultivate more compassion in our   heart and gain more  wisdom in our brain.  Our c+ w = h is one of best meth for achieve that our goal. We have been hoping that more people participant in our events.

22nd December  2018 (Final  semester) Closing Ceremony Elder educational  Program

Tibet World conducted a congratulatory and closing ceremony on 22nd December 2018 , to celebrate students who completed their studies in the final academic trimester. During the second trimester, 140  students enrolled for language courses and  30 students were granted language certificates of completion.  Founder Director Yeshi Lhundup distributed final past certificate of International Languages course in Tibet World, after that we did gift exchanged and played some games. Finally all students, volunteers and staffs had lunch on wonderful roof of Tibet World.