Tibet World official inauguration

The 19th of October, 2013, saw Tibet World be officially inaugurated. Students, Tibetan support groups and Tibet World’s friends from different places in India, Germany, Spain, USA, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam, come together to celebrate this moment.

ceremony1 The Opening Ceremony started at 9.30AM. All the guests to Tibet World were welcomed by international volunteers. Among the guests were members of the Tibetan Parliament, the President of Tibet Kalaish House, Mr. Wilfried Pfeffer, and his secretary Ms. Gundi, representatives of other NGOs and many more guests.


The  festvities began with the singing of the Tibetan National Anthem, followed by the  Chief Guest, Mr. Penpa Tsering and Special Guest Mr. Wilfried Pfeffer, lighting a butter lamp. Afterwards, a short video click about Tibet World was shown. After the tea and Delsi, Tibet World Director Yeshi Lhundup  gave a speech, first in Tibetan, then in English. ceremony3I founded Tibet World  to service education to Tibetan refugees who do not get this opportunity. To quote a proverb ‘We do not give a fish to our people, we teach them how to catch the fish’. We will train Tibetans to be a role model of compassionate people  in the world and to make Tibet a zone  of peace.  We have preserved Tibetan culture as well as making a greener world through our Himalayan planting projects.  We fully support the Middle Way approach by the Central Tibetan Administration. The key to succeed with the Middle Way is a dialog with the Chinese and their government. Therefore we have increasingly focused on Chinese language courses”.    With these aims and objectives we have accomplished this project  in the past seven months. Over 230 students and nearly 50 international volunteers have joined us to create the wonderful Tibet World. ceremony4 The Chief Guest at the Opening Ceremony was the Honourable Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament, Mr. Penpa Tsering. He expressed his interest and gratitude to Tibet World. It is a good place to link the world with Tibet and it is a good idea to train Tibetan’s with self-reliance. As a result they will be less dependent on others in the future. Mr. Penpa Tsering wished Tibet World good luck and success. ceremony5 One of the highlights was students singing in German, French, English, Chinese and Tibetan. All guests left Tibet World with a big smile on their faces. Tibet World would like to thank all guests for taking part in this memorable occasion. Our students are a testament to what we are trying to achieve. Thank you. A special thanks is deserved of Tibet Kalaish House for their ongoing support.