Tibet Support Group Visiting

This year 2023, a very important and very long-time supporter of Tibet and Tibet World, Mr. Jack, and his team from the USA visited Dharamsala. They focus on the Native American Pueblo Tribes (Southwestern United States), Tibetans in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, Xining, China, and India. They are dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with practical acts of compassion wherever the need may be. They have always been an invaluable support to the Tibetan community both within and outside Tibet. They have been helping people inside Tibet by providing them with personal solar lights, and personal and community water filters.

Sr. Jack and Team at outside Tibet World

On 16th Feb 2023, we arranged a visit to TCV this year and we were glad to be able to show the place where Tibet’s future is being shaped. Their visit was very successful, and they sponsored several children who belonged to underprivileged families. The sponsorship takes care of all their needs: personal, medical, clothing, food, and education.

They kindly plan to support those T.C.V students.

The very next day, on 17th Feb 2023, they visited our organization Tibet World. As we discussed upcoming programs, it was a pleasure to have them all with us. It is always nice to see their love and care for our people, which is something we are tremendously grateful for.

It is inside Tibet World office.

Our gratitude goes out to him and his team for all the support they have given to Tibetan communities inside and outside Tibet. We want to thank them and hope that with their continued support, we can all move toward a better future and preserve what we have.