News of Tibet World in August 2019

Conducted workshop on Happiness ( Compassion + Wisdom = Happiness)

(6th and 7th of August 2019)

As compassion is a basic need rather than a luxury, Tibet Worlsd’s director Mr. Yeshi Lhundup gave workshop to a group of 13 people who are students from America and Canada. The workshop is called Compassion + Wisdom = Happiness and the workshop were conducted for two days. Students were very enthusiastic to learn and understand the concept of happiness from a completely different perspective. As a byproduct they also learned about the Tibetan culture and current situation of Tibet.

Introduction to Taiwanese Culture by a group of students from Taiwan

(19th and 20th of August 2019)

On 19th of August a group of 20 students from Taiwan visited Tibet World sharing their culture and helping our students with Chinese language. Following are the details of the activities they arranged for our students.


 Lanterns are easy to create, and most of them are made out of paper. Building a lantern by your own is a really good way to know Taiwanese culture. The students introduce our traditional lantern festival through the origin of lantern and the process of making a lantern by oneself.

In Taiwan, they celebrate the lantern festival on January 15th which is also the last day of Chinese New Year.

 Spring Couplet

Apart from that they introduce the concept of Chinese New Year and the origins of spring couplets. The students gave insight into how and what Chinese and Taiwanese do during their New Year. At the end, they taught our students how to make spring couplets by ourselves by teaching the calligraphers.

Bamboo gun

During this class the students introduced some traditional toys that almost every Taiwanese had played which is bamboo gun.

Bamboo gun is the most popular one. To make a bamboo gun of your own you just have to prepare some chopsticks and some rubber bands.

After making the gun, they held a little shooting contest for the students to get more familiar to our traditional toy.

Our students were really fulfilled to learn a lot about the Taiwanese culture and thanked all the students including the group leaders of Pintree organization. On 20th of August Taiwanese students collaborated with our Chinese teacher Ms. Sonam Khando la and organized many activities to teach Chinese language.

These two days cultural introduction of Taiwanese by Taiwanese student group was really helpful to our students and Tibet World is looking forward to collaborate with Pintree organization in future.

Visit by Mr. Jack and His Team (20th August 2019)

Tibet support group Mr. Jack and his team visited Tibet World. They interacted with the students of the Tibet World and made generous donations of portable solar lamps to all the students with whom they interacted. Tibet World offered a dinner to Mr. Jack and his team. The dinner was prepared jointly by all the staff members. They really enjoyed eating traditional Tibetan food and Indian cuisines as well. All the staffs were given portable solar lamps by Mr. Jack and team. Director thanked Mr. Jack and team for providing constant support from the past till date. As a gesture of thanks giving and good luck all the staff members of Tibet World offered white scarf to Mr. Jack and his team.

Meeting And Dinner Together with Tibet World Staffs and Volunteer Teachers ( 30th August 2019)

On 30th of August 2019 Tibet World organized a general meeting with all the teachers. The meeting was organized to gather general opinions from all the volunteers associated with Tibet World. In the meeting all the volunteers shared their opinions based on their experience during the volunteer service. The meeting was really successful because we had many different opinions and possible solutions given by volunteers from countries around the world. The meeting was followed by a dinner together arranged by Tibet World at Restaurant Tibet Kitchen. Our volunteers and staffs interacted and learned more from each other.