Needed four volunteers

We needed four volunteers who can teach Science, Math, English, and Tibetan to Tibetan (Children) students from class 6 and o class 9 for one month in January 2023.  

One of the most significant issues faced by Tibetan refugees was the education of Tibetan children. Although the Tibetan refugee community is a minority group, our organization strives to provide children with excellent academic achievements. Before the pandemic, Tibet World successfully conducted educational training under a winter program for over seven years for 440 Tibetan students.

Now that world coming out of the pandemic and there is no longer a threat to the health of our Tibetan students, it is of crucial importance to resume the work of the winter program from where it was urged to stop. With this, the Tibet World is happy to announce that we will be resuming its winter program as Tibetan schools approach winter break.

A winter program will be offered to Tibetan children on break to prepare them for next-level classes. Therefore, we are looking for suitable candidates to teach Science, Math, English, and Tibetan to Tibetan children. The teaching period will be for a month, from 2nd Jan to 4th Feb 2023. Preference will be given to candidates with teaching experience.

Requirements: a) Minimum Bachelor’s degree  

                            b) Enthusiastic about teaching

                            c) Established proficiency in subject matter

                            d) Ability to develop goals aligned with students’ academic need

                            e) Good time management skill

 Benefits:  Appreciation certificate after completion

Level of Classes to Teach: Class 6 to Class 9

Duration of teaching: 2 0r 3 hours a day from Monday to Saturday

                                3-hour- A morning session and 3- hour Afternoon session

Application process

Last date to submit: 15 December 2022

Submit your application here: 

Reception Ph: 9816999928

Address: Tibet World, Jogiwara Road, McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala H.P. 176219