Happy New Year

We hope you all have had a safe and fulfilling 2021. Through all of this year’s ups and down, we continued our commitment to serve those people needed and with your help, we did not stop our social work during this difficult year.

Below we reflect on a year 2021, and look forward to an exciting year ahead. 

Where we were in 2021

Although we weren’t able to do the same as before the pandemic, we felt that we celebrated all of the programs that we have done in this year for people.  

Changed Tibet World: We were not able to hold our library, hostel, community hall and classrooms because the rent was so high for us, but we were able to hold a small office and offer good social services and with your very kind support.

Contributed and donation: We donated over thousands of books, furniture, white boards, Cushions and kitchens etc to Kelsang Choekey Welfare Society at Dirang Village in Arunachal State, Shalu Monastery and Tibetan Children Village School, Tsawa Association old age home etc.

Educational Program:  we provided international classes online to over 100 students.

Social Service program: We gave out food bags to slang areas, nuns and others who need those. Regularly we supported 10 victims of covid 19.  

Cultural program: We provided four Happiness workshops online.


We will work continuously on our educational programs, cultural and social work programs.  We would like to share Tibet world’s new project “philosophy of Dalai Lama” This project gave birth for world peace and happiness and also to preserve His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama’s philosophy which is much needed in this 21st century and in future centuries as well. We felt this is our duty to carry on his legacy in the future. So by taking this initiative we would like to work on his books and teachings.

We are always grateful to you and we believe you will continue to support and help us for the coming project too. This will help us in enhancing and assuring to carry out our vision and mission further which may impact not only in Dharamsala but to the rest of the world.

 Before closing out this year, we want to thank each and every one of you. Whether you’re a leader, partner, donor, follower, or local champion, participators, we see you. You are what makes Tibet World what it is.

From all of us here at Tibet World, we wish you and your loved ones a restful, happy, and healthy holiday season and an impactful start to 2022. Merry Christmas and May this Christmas season bring you closer to all those that you treasure in your heart.