Fundraising for Tibet World and Donation

It’s important to know where your donations are going.  We are proud that all of our donations go to cover the cost of our educational and cultural programs.  These donations allow us to keep cost low to participants so those that are in most need are able to use Tibet World services.  All of our programs are greatly subsidized and we are only able to do that with the help of YOUR donations.

rs/300 or about $5- helps purchase supplies like markers and pens for five classrooms for a week

rs/2500 or about $40- helps purchase larger one time purchases, like seat cushions for students to use in our five classrooms.

rs/3,500 or about $55.00- helps cover the cost of one cultural show to encourage the growth of performers and share important traditions with others.

rs/4,500 or about $75 helps for the rent of a classroom.  These classrooms are used to  teach language courses to those in Dharamsala including Tibetan exiles.