Interview with student (anonymous)

Interview with student (anonymous):

“How was it that you came to Dharamsala?”

I came to India in 2001 and spent some years studying English in different places but I finished my last two levels of English here in Dharamsala.

“Why did you leave Tibet?”

I left my home because of my family’s condition and the lack of opportunity to study and work back home.

“Did you come by yourself?”

Yes, I came all alone and it was very scary leaving all my friends and family knowing that if the Chinese government caught me, bad things could happen. But it’s ok now because I have made lots of friends so I’m not alone anymore.

“Do you feel at home in Dharamsala?”

I feel like Dharamsala is like a little Tibet and it reminds me a lot of my home town because the culture and the people are very similar.

“Do you want to go back Tibet?”

Even though I prefer India in a lot of ways and I have a lot more freedom here, I want to go back home at some point but it is very hard to get a visa to go back. I tried doing it last November but I was denied


“Do you think there’s hope for the Tibetan people to go back to Tibet?”

I think it is very difficult because even if we do get the opportunity to go back home, it is very hard for us to get proper jobs to sustain our families.


“Why was it important for you to learn English?”

When I first came to India I didn’t know any English but it is very important to learn it because it is considered the global language and you must know it in order to be able to travel and talk to people from all around the world.

“What do you think of Tibet world?”

TIbet World gives a lot of opportunities to those who want to learn new languages. The prices are accessible for everyone and we have lots of volunteers that help it. The teachers and volunteers make an effort in building up the students confidence not only In languages but also as individuals.

“Do you enjoy having teachers from all over the world?”

It is very beneficial to have teachers that speak the language natively because we get to listen to their accents and that makes us better speakers.

“Is there anything you would change about Tibet World?”

Personally I think it would great to have more volunteers and sponsors because we need them to cover all the expenses that is students can’t pay.

“Do you have any advice for anyone that wants to come here?”

Coming to Tibet World is a very good opportunity. The teaching here is excellent and the prices for the course are very accessible. If you come by yourself, it is easy to make new friends because everyone is very friendly and open.