Compassion Plus Wisdom Equals Happiness Program

Tibet World invites you to join our 1st online program coming up on 28th July 2022 and 11th August 2022 on ‘Compassion Plus Wisdom Equals Happiness’. This program deals with a scientific approach to help you activate compassion and wisdom to achieve your happiness anywhere, anytime.

As we know that we all have emotional switches for happiness, sadness, anger, love, etc within ourselves but the problem is we don’t know which switch needs to be turned on or off. So through this program, you will learn how to turn on your happiness switch and turn off your sadness switch.


Like this, we have several programs for the remainder of the year and the future. These programs are steps toward creating a more happier and peaceful world. So we kindly request you to share the poster and word about it with your family, friends, communities, and also on social media.

Thank you,

Tibet World