In conversation with Gregg Robins

 Walking into Tibet World there is a palpable sense of community, of a mutual existence between volunteer, teacher and student. There is an undoubtable eager willingness to learn presented by the students but equally there is a commitment and dedication from the staff and teachers to nurture this willingness into a flourishing of student potential.…

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The voice of Tibet

The voice of Tibet Language is a powerful force, one that can equally connect and separate communities. The ability to use a language be it; English, Chinese, French, Spanish or German opens up an immeasurable world of opportunity. To be able to speak, communicate and understand not only gives an individual independence but the ability…

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Interview with student (anonymous)

Interview with student (anonymous): “How was it that you came to Dharamsala?” I came to India in 2001 and spent some years studying English in different places but I finished my last two levels of English here in Dharamsala. “Why did you leave Tibet?” I left my home because of my family’s condition and the…

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