Fundraising Campaign for creating a home for Tibet World


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Creating a home for Tibet  World.


  1. Build up our own new premises – Tibet World campus to keep on working on addressing and solving urgent, social, cultural and educational problems for Tibetan refugees.
  2. 3000 square feet of land in an accessible location in or near McLeod Ganj.


  1. Our major challenge is that we do not own our building and 60% of the Trust’s income is spent on rent.
  2. Renting is not sustainable.


  1. Sustainable for the long term.
  2. Become financially independent.
  3. Self-sustaining organization.


  1. To provide better facilities for our students and Tibetan community.
  2. To improve the quality of our educational and cultural programs.
  3. To create more opportunities for our volunteers.
  4. To have a better designed and more extensive library for students, public and children’s.
  5. To create more secure employment opportunities inside and outside of Tibet World.
  6. To expand our cultural program.
  7. To keep on supporting the Central Tibetan Administration promoting – the well-being of Tibetan citizens.
  8. To create more financial and operational stability.


To buy land, and build up a Tibet World own home, the budget below is needed.

You can support us by:
1. Donating at our campaign site (

2. Helping us share the campaign page on Facebook and Instagram (

3. Becoming a volunteer for the campaign (

4. Joining our local events in October through November in Dharamshala, India


  1. Dharamshala is now home to approximately 15,000 additional Tibetans living in exile.
  2. Migrating communities and others were forced to leave their home, faced loneliness and isolation from family and friends, unemployment and a lack of economic opportunities, difficulty integrating, and the loss of cultural heritage.

TIBET WORLD where the Tibet meets the world and the world meets Tibet.

  1. Yeshi Lhundup founded Tibet World to help fellow Tibetans overcome the same challenges he faced.
  2. Platform for promoting education, raising cultural awareness, and imparting Tibetan values to the world.
  3. Meeting point for the Tibetan community and people from around the world.
  4. Tibet World gives Tibetan refugees the tools and strategies to address their own personal barriers and motivate themselves to get the most out of their life.


One of the primary challenges faced by Tibetans in exile is that many are unable to converse in international languages. Without conversational language skills, particularly in English, their attempts at integration and finding employment are more likely to fail.  Not having the language to promote and explain their way of life to non-Tibetan speakers also limits their ability to preserve their culture.


Tibet World is a role model of a compassionate organization, committed to developing inner peace, self-reliance, and building a more harmonious world.


Tibet World provides a platform for promoting education, raising cultural awareness and imparting Tibetan Buddhist values to the world by inspiring people to initiate compassion, harmony, and peace.


Compassion: All actions of the organization must be carried out in the spirit of  compassion

Harmony: To unite all people in the world

Peace:  We treat others as  we treat ourselves


  1. Provided education to more than 3000 students. We have been offering international language courses, various workshops, and training.
  2. Enabled the participation of 1800 volunteers from 52 countries.
  3. Organized hundreds of different cultural events in which 5186 people have participated.
  4.  Created 10 full-time and 5 part-time jobs for local people in our organization.
  5. 214 school children have been benefited from Tibet World’s Winter educational program.