News in June 2016: Introduction Buddhism & Freedom Struggle Talk

21st June: Tibet World organizes various cultural events in daily, weekly and Monthly. Today “An Introduction to geshe-lhade-lawebBuddhism” by Geshe Lhakdor La, this intriguing exploration of the fundamental aspects of Buddhist thought was delivered by the previous English translator for H.H the 14th Dalai Lama from 1989-2005. With a Master’s in Madhyamika from IBD and Philsophy from DU, Lhakdor Da is currently the Director of the Library of Tibetian Works and Archives. All audiences has got many wisdom and compassion from Geshe la. He will teach  Buddhism philosopher  once a month at Tibet World.
28th June:  Tibet World organises many talks. Today Freedom Struggle Talk, we welcomed former political gen-bhodoprisoner Ven Bagdro to share his experiences of imprisonment and exile under the Chinese occupation. Bagdro is a renowned author and lifelong committed campaigner for Tibet. Visitors were harrowed by the talk and an engaging question and answer session followed.  Every one got bid surprise his life story.